$170K Settlement for Broken Arm (Car Accident in Florida)

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Enjuris tip: Florida follows pure comparative negligence, meaning your settlement is reduced by your amount of fault in an accident. The rough version of a settlement formula in a Florida personal injury case is a function of your damages, how likely you are to win, and your fault in the accident.

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New Hand Injury Pain and Suffering Verdicts – $1,000,000 Recoveries Sustainable. After a settlement demand of $3,000,000 and an offer of $350,000 this case was tried over a three week period and. Fulton County jury in a damages only car accident case did not award plaintiff any.

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For a real world example, read $2.16 Million Accident Compenstion for Head Injury. Broken bones. Anytime an X-Ray reveals any kind of fracture or break in your bones, you increase your accident injury settlement amounts. The amount you get depends on how severe the break is and how it impacts your regular life.

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$170K Settlement for Broken Arm (Car Accident in Florida) Thursday’s Daily Pulse LBA Ware Recruits Veteran Mortgage Compensation Leader Mari Denton as Director of Client Success | Florida Newswire

Broken Bones and Fractures in Car Accidents A large number of car accidents result in broken bones and serious fractures- as a look around this website will evidence. Broken bones that result from auto accidents are often more severe than fractures from simple falls or other incidents.

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