Combat flip flops—a “mission” to manufacture “stoke”

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The Mission To create peaceful, forward-thinking opportunities for self-determined entrepreneurs affected by conflict. Our willingness to take bold risks, community connection, and distinct designs communicate, "Business, Not Bullets"–flipping the view on how wars are won.

Combat Flip Flops Salmon Days 2014 After witnessing the positive effects of economic growth in conflict areas, Griff co-founded Combat Flip Flops with a fellow Ranger and began the mission to manufacture peace through trade. Each purchase provides a job and economic opportunity for an adult in a war-torn country and a day of school for a girl in Afghanistan.

.the Combat Flip Flops mission to the tank," said Griff’, Combat Flip Flops’ CEO & co-founder. mission, inspire new recruits to join the Unarmed Forces, and manufacture peace through trade. In 2015, Combat Flip Flops’ sales increased 150% over 2014 while the company donated over 60 Through its Unarmed Forces, the brand has spread stoke and empowered mindful consumers to.

"In matters that relate to the divisiveness of our political environment, I’ll speak out if I feel the need to, if there’s something significant, and I think it’s important as I begin this new job to.

But then he saw a worker wearing flip flops that were hand made out of the factory’s boot treads. It got Griff thinking. Why not use the established workforce to make badass flip flops and apparel right there. And so began Combat Flip Flops, a forward-leaning company that builds production facilities, and jobs, in places others fear to tread.

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 · Can Flip Flops Save the World? The guys at Combat Flip Flops think so and they’ve maxed out their credit cards to prove it Combat Flip Flops’ products are made in.

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