Florida: Elderly Man Fined $30,000 – Government Plans to Steal His Home Because His Grass Was Too Tall

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Florida town attracted national attention last week for its efforts to fine a 69-year-old retiree nearly $30,000 and then foreclose on his home because he was unable to pay-all because he failed to cut his grass.

A man may lose his home due to the height of his grass. While some people might think "Well, just cut your grass regularly and the government will leave you alone," it isn’t always that simple. Jim Ficken knows this all too well. The city of Dunedin, Florida, is trying to steal his home because the grass was too tall.

The city of Dunedin fined Jim Ficken, 69, $500 a day, racking up $30,000 in code violation fines for tall grass when his lawn grew taller than 10-inches last summer. The city is now foreclosing on.

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Letting your grass grow too high might cost you – or at least it did for one Florida man. The city fined him $500 per day over the summer because his grass grew higher than 10 inches. Ficken filed.

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