FPL drafted portions of bill that puts tough requirements on rooftop solar companies

FPL drafted portions of bill that puts tough requirements on rooftop solar companies Florida’s largest utility was so intent on influencing the implementation of a constitutional amendment expanding solar installation in Florida, it drafted legislation designed to create new requirements for homeowners and businesses that install rooftop solar and sent it to the legislator who was authoring the language.

Dive Insight: It was the first of two votes last year, where the state’s residents affirmed their support for growing solar energy. But while both legislative chambers are working on legislation to enact Amendment 4, the Miami Herald reports FPL has been able to introduce some changes to the House’s measure.

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One FPL-authored provision that remains in Rodrigues’ bill requires a solar company to provide the buyer with a "a full and accurate summary of the total costs under the agreement for.

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FPL drafted portions of bill that puts tough requirements on rooftop solar companies Florida among top states for mortgage fraud We Florida Financial offers One-on-One mortgage advice 3/26/16 – The Soul Of Miami The new rooftop solar electric system, designed and installed by SunPower Corp., consists of 891 solar PV modules and is 40-50 times larger than a typical residential system.

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On the solar bill, HB 1351, Rodrigues has included verbatim language supplied by Florida Power & Light that would impose disclosure and paperwork requirements for companies that finance and.

The state’s major utilities and solar companies have battled. Their ideas were drafted into a bill, could a rooftop solar installer put together a.

Putting FPL on the spot:. a letter. all of the rooftop solar systems put out an amount of "capacity. Under FPL’s reasoning, they could have drafted a.