A quiet title action is a lawsuit that is brought in circuit court to clear a party’s title to real property. The purpose of a quiet title action is to eliminate all claims to title, which might stand in the way of a title insurance company issuing a clear title insurance policy.

QUIET TITLE MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE DEFENSE MERITLESS IN FLORIDA. Quiet Title actions do have legitimate uses, including the use to eliminate the lien of a mortgage that has become unenforceable by reason of a failure of the bank to enforce its remedies after the statute of limitations to initiate a lawsuit of foreclosure has past. Check.

Illinois Mortgage Foreclosure Law (IMFL) 735 ILCS 5/15-1101, et. seq. illinois supreme court rules Two Illinois Supreme Court Rules are specifically applicable to mortgage foreclosures and can be used to bolster a defense. Sup. Ct. Rule 113 requires Plaintiffs to attach all assignments of the mortgage note to the Complaint, showing chain of.

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The convoluted quiet title action, as the panel described it, stems from a July 2006 mortgage Suser took out on the West New York condo securing his $150,000 loan to the previous owner. He later.

Accordingly, quiet title lawsuits and the mortgage securitization (MERS) argument has waned. However, when added to a lawsuit against a lender which includes other causes of action, it can add weight to the “totality” of the lawsuit.

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Third, after obtaining the quiet title judgment, Smith files for Bankruptcy. In Bankruptcy, Smith points to the quiet title judgment and asserts that this judgment has extinguished the ABC mortgage lien. First Bank (or Fannie) will present a claim and argue that they are secured creditors.

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