This tool solves shaving's most frustrating problems: a clogged razor, dull blades and skin irritations. Its unique design makes shaving faster, cleaner and easier.

If you fall victim to razor burn, get a new razor (dull blades pull at hairs and cause irritation), and use a gentle, fragrance-free shaving cream.

I sometimes think that everything we esteem in this life, all that is good of the earth, is composed of promise, the promise embodied in all seeds–pine, chestnut, nannyberry, ash–in the kernels of barleys and oats, iris corms and crocus corms, all pips and spores, the promise established in the repeated waxings and wanings of the moon, in the constant return of the sun, the covenant.

Occam’s Razor is a very respectable rule of thumb. Basically it says that if you have to choose between two explanations that appear equally strong, choose the simplest. This may sound great and may work in some circles but IT IS NOT A GOOD RULE IN BIOLOGY and that includes neuroscience. When people illustrate simple theories they often pick one of the foundation theories of science.

How does human hair dull stainless steel razor blades? Is it possible to make a blade that will last a lifetime of use? How does human hair dull stainless steel razor blades? Is it possible to make a blade that will last a lifetime of use?

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Please send reports of such problems to archive_feedback@nytimes.com. "The market," said one broker, "is like an old razor – dull as a whole, but pretty sharp in some places." By that he meant that. Merchant Mall :: Discount Prices

Today’s post is going to be fast and nasty, ladies and gentlemen. The primary reason for that is because I’m still trying to get the actual site back up and running. The problem is that it’s littered with more 404 errors than it is with my rants, soliloquies, diatribes, litanies, blather, and general verbal brilliance. The gang in tech support at the northern branch is getting ticked off.

This is going to be a lengthy culinary blog, with a few recipes that I’ve tried out recently and turned out to be pretty good. The overall theme was that of an Irish pub grub (and indeed most of the recipes came from "The Irish Pub Cookbook – a book I cannot recommend highly enough), and it all goes down well with dark ale or whiskey (although we drank Scotch instead).

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