World Religions Part I: Three Options

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Edit 4/5/18 Quora is insisting I update this so here’s the fucking update: asshole man says not one single thing has changed since it was originally written in 2014. Seriously people? What the elf? full disclosure: You’ve asked an atheist (small ".

Hinduism – 4000 to 2500 BCE*. Though believed by many to be a polytheistic religion, the basis of Hinduism is the belief in the unity of everything. This totality is called Brahman. The purpose of life is to realize that we are part of God and by doing so we can leave this plane of existance and rejoin with God.

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Another illustration of religious beliefs is that different religions adhere to certain stories of world creation.. 15.3. Religion and Social Change.. Whereas 42 percent of Canadians in a 2009 Gallup survey said religion was an important part of their daily lives, 65 percent make this.

There are about 1.3 billion Muslims in the world today. Islam is represented all over the world. Though mostly associated with the Middle East, the largest muslim populations are in Asia. Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India have sizable Muslim populations.

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 · The majority religion for women in the United States is Christianity, with 70.6% of the population being a member of a Christian denomination. 31.5% of the entire female world population is.

On top of that, a lot of younger people feel alienated by mainstream religion – by attitudes toward LGBTQ people and women,

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